Episode 19 – Don’t Say No…

Hello again! Thank you for tuning in this week! Bit of a girl group special this week as a number of female solos and girl groups made their mark. ioi released their final song as a group penned by Seventeen’s Woozi. It’s been a ‘Downpour’ of tears from Desi. We also gave a listen to Suzy’s pre-release track and discuss CLC’s complete change is style and concept with ‘Hobgoblin’. Teen Top’s Neil breaks up the GG fest. And last and certainly not least! Kody’s ultimate bias and K-pop Queen makes her anticipated solo debut! He suppresses his fanboy feelings to tell you everything you need to know!



Niel (Teen Top) – Love Affair

Suzy – Yes No Maybe

CLC – Hobgoblin

IOI – Downpour

Luna, Hani & Solar – Honey Bee

Seohyun – Don’t Say No


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